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Museum Gallery:

Camera Museum Gallery is a non-profit Museum Gallery open to the public. Visitors will discover a timeline of camera equipment dating from the 19th century to the present. Admission fee is £3 per person, FREE for Camera Museum Club members and Children under the age of 10.

Donate to support our Museum:

Being a non-profit Museum Gallery, your support is vital and helps the Museum to share its collection with the

world. With your help, we can continue to inspire many more generations to come. There are two ways to support us. You can donate as an individual, through a trust, foundation or company. Alternatively, you can simply purchase products from our online Gift Shop. Your contributions will make a significant difference, thank you.

Camera Equipment Donation:

There are around 40,000 different cameras made since the first camera was invented. Our aim is to preserve cameras from all periods and show them to the public. Please contact us regarding donations:

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